Printable FREE Letters from Santa

Rekindle your kids believe in Santa Claus by printing them FREE Letters, Envelopes and Certificate from Santa!

Imagine the excitement on your child's face upon receiving a Letter from Santa Claus! Let him open the envelope stamped by Santa himself. Watch his reaction when he sees the letter from Santa and realizes Santa knows his name, age, hometown, biggest achievement, desired present and even best friend's name.

Letter from Santa

In only 2 simple steps you can create a pesonalized printable free letter from Santa for your kids

  1. Select a free letter from Santa template, paper size and desired style.
  2. Fill in your child's name, desired presents and, optionally, a special message from Santa.

If you want, you can even compose your own letter in a language of your choice.

A PDF file will be generated and you can save and print this file. We recommend a quality paper and a good color printer. If you do not wish to print the letter from Santa, you can simply e-mail the .pdf files to the desired recepients.

Here are some letters from Santa Claus to kids

Letter from Santa for Brandon , Letter from Santa for Caroline, Letter from Santa for George, Letter from Santa for Hans, Letter from Santa for Ilona, Letter from Santa for Jessica, Letter from Santa for Lisa, Letter from Santa for Luca, Letter from Santa for Maria, Letter from Santa for Matthew, Letter from Santa for Oreste, Letter from Santa for Tommy.

Tips for getting the best results with your free Santa Letter:

What parents think about our free services

My kids couldn't believe their eyes when they saw the Santa letters. They were very impressed and thank you for this wonderful Christmas gift.


As a single mother, your free Santa Letter was extremely appreciated. My son was so happy after he opened the envelopes with the letter and certificate. He told me: "Mommy, look what Santa sent me! Can I have my letter from Santa framed?"


I love you for this letter.


I thought Santa Letters were only for kids until I found you. I thank you for amusing my father while reading his letter from Santa, when Santa lost a bag full of gifts.


I think you had an excellent idea and I have recommended Santa letters to all my friends.


Our kids were very impressed when they realized that Santa knows everything about them. The letter from Santa Claus was enough for them to promise they will be good boys next year.

Chris and Joanna

Get your free letter from Santa Claus now. Merry Christmas!