FREE Letter from Santa Claus for Maria

Dear Maria,

Merry Christmas! We are very busy here at the North Pole 
preparing for Christmas. The elves are making toys and 
Dashe, Dancer, Prance, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Dunde, Blixem 
and Rudolph, the reindeer, are training for the big trip 
around the world.

Mrs. Claus and I are very proud of you, our 4 year old 
little friend, for learning to skate. We could not be 
happier for you and we hope you will continue to be a 
good girl all year round.

Well, Maria, I must get back to work here at the North 
Pole. I have to check my nice list for the second time 
and make sure all the presents are ready in my flying 
sleigh. I can't wait to arrive in Ottawa, ON and drop 
off a new pair of skates and a helmet under your amazing 
Christmas tree.

Keep in mind to always listen to your parents and be good 
with Daniel, your little brother. On Christmas Eve go to 
bed early! Remember, you already have to be asleep when I 
arrive. I will be visiting your house soon Maria!

With Love,
Santa Claus

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