FREE Letter from Santa Claus for Luca

Dear Luca,

Everybody here at the North Pole is preparing for the big 
Christmas day. The reindeer are all at the North Pole spa 
resting after today's flying lessons. The elves are trying 
to finish all the toys and gifts under the careful 
supervision of Lúthien, my chief elf.

Mrs. Claus is preparing all day long amazing cakes and 
sweets for good boys and girls around the world. As for 
myself, I truly hope Mrs. Claus will find some time to 
finish my new costume as the old one was torn out last 
year by a radar antenna in Alaska.

My elves tell me that you have learned to swim this year. 
Mommy, Daddy, Maria and I are so proud of you, our little 
9 years old boy.

Please be in bed early on Christmas Eve and don't forget 
to carefully hang your stockings near the fireplace. I will 
fly my sleigh to Rome, Italy to bring you a new bike just 
before Christmas.

Merry Christmas!

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