FREE Letter from Santa Claus for George

Dear George,

Mommy and Daddy sent a letter telling me all about you and 
how much they love you. They are so proud that their special 
4 year old started skiing.  My old and well trusted elf 
Rúmil is telling me that you have been a very good boy this 

Here at North Pole we are almost ready for our big trip 
around the world. My dear Rudolph has already checked his 
maps to make sure he can fly me to Montreal, QC to bring 
you new ski boots and a snow suite. The elves are searching 
now the toy shop to see if they could find them for you. We 
will be loading everything in the sleigh soon and will be 
heading your way!

Please remember to play nicely with your best friend Mona 
and to be good and always listen to your parents. I will 
arrive in Montreal, QC just in time for Christmas.

Merry Christmas!

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