FREE Letter from Santa Claus for Ilona

Dear Ilona,

It's been almost a year since I last visited your home 
in Nice, France on Christmas Eve.

I am hearing you have been a particularly good girl. 
My chief elf Lúthien tells me that you learning to 
swim this summer. This makes me very proud of you, my 
little 5 year old friend.

I have already told my elves that you would like lots 
of nice toys. The elves can make almost any toy and 
gift in my North Pole workshop. I think I saw them making 
some toys for you too.

Please remember to play nicely with Carla and to always 
listen to your parents. I will fly my sleigh to all the 
good boys and girls on Christmas Eve. My reindeer Rudolph 
tells me that we will arrive in Nice, France just in time 

Merry Christmas!

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