FREE Printable Santa Envelopes

Creating Santa envelopes is easy and, best of all, you can personalize any of our Santa envelopes free of charge. Make this Christmas a magical one for your child!

This is a very simple process. Fill in your child's full name and mailing address and select the desired size and decorations for your Santa envelope.

Please remember, we don't keep any information you fill in on this site. It is only used to generate your PDF files and then it is forgotten.

As with the letter, at the end, a PDF file is generated. You will be able to save it and print it.

Tips to get the best results:

  • make sure you select the right envelope size, e.g. 1/3 Letter North America No. 10 envelope, or enter the width and the height if you want a custom size Santa envelope
  • do not forget to select what you intend to put into the Santa envelope, a letter from Santa or a Santa certificate
  • select if you need a Santa stamp printed onto the Santa envelope or not
  • to make sure you like it, preview the Santa envelope by clicking on the preview button
  • when printing Santa envelope make sure you select the right envelope size

Get your Christmas envelopes by clicking on Create Free Santa Envelopes. Merry Christmas!