FREE Letter from Santa Claus for Hans

Dear Hans,

Ho! Ho! Ho! I can't wait to visit you, my 9 years old boy. 
I recall seeing your name on my list with boys and girls 
which have been very good all year round.

I know you made Mommy and Daddy so proud by helping your 
sister learning the alphabet. I just took a look in my 
North Pole workshop and I believe I saw my dedicated toy 
and gifts maker Fëanáro finishing a new remote controlled 
car you are waiting for.

My sleigh just went through the final flying tests before 
the big journey and Rudolph, my leading reindeer, is very 
happy with the results. Glorfindel, the weather elf, is 
telling me that, for the most part, the weather will be 
favorable for sleigh flying. Inglor, the flight controller 
elf, is saying that everything is ready to make any route 
adjustments if necessary.

Give a big hug from me to Momo. Go to bed early on Christmas
Eve as you already have to be asleep when I arrive. I will 
be in Hamburg, Germany just in time for Christmas.

Merry Christmas!

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