FREE Letter from Santa Claus for Matthew

Dear Matthew,

Ho! Ho! Ho! Everyone here at the North Pole sends you their 
love and best wishes.

This year my elves did their best and finished all the toys 
and gifts earlier. They even loaded them in my flying sleigh 
and it looks like everything is ready for the big trip around 
the world. The reindeer are relaxing now and are having a 
good cup of tea. As for the elves, I see them having fun 
outside in the snow. They are making snow angels and are 
building snowmen.

Mrs. Claus tells me that you have been a very good boy this 
year. I hear that you start playing very well hockey. We are 
very proud of our 8 year old friend from New Jersey, NJ.

Remember to keep being good and play nicely with Johnathan your 
little brother. I look forward to visiting New Jersey, NJ and 
bringing you new pair of skates and a helmet, just in time 
for Christmas.

Merry Christmas!

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